Student Representatives (SR) &
Lead Students Representative (LSR)

ECBC students are encouraged to take on student representative’s role. We are passionate to hear from our students whether it is a compliment or a suggestion or a complaint so that we can improve teaching and learning environment. We cannot do it without student voicing out their concern. We believe that every student has something to say but due to different reasons, some of them might feel reluctant to come forward. As such, we have arranged for students representatives (SR) to be chosen in each group to speak for the respective group to college management team.

Due to the small size of our students, we do not have a ’student union’ in place but rather we have a ’staff-student committee’ in place to allow student’s representatives to raise their concern on behalf of their fellow class mates.

Recently we have selected a Lead Student Representative (LSR) to liaise with QAA review team and submit students’ submissions for the upcoming HER(AP) review for ECBC. This is a new role recommended by QAA where the LSR plays a vital role in between the college and other students. The LSR is slightly different from the student representatives in the sense that the students’ representatives will be attending some of college committee meetings and inform the students about the latest developments in the college students’ support.

We value the extra voluntary effort of each representative and would like to recognise their leadership role in the form of a certificate in the annual award ceremony.