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Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Adopted: April 2017 - Version 2.0

1. Title: Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments policy

2. Purpose: This policy is designed to outline the type of support that ECBC can offer to its students who are facing difficulty in their study due to disability / impairment.

3. Application:

The policy applies to all students enrolled with East End Computing and Business College (ECBC)

4. Review and Amendment:

5. Adoption:

This policy commenced as from the date of adoption by ECBC, being April 2017 and replaced any previous similar policy

6. History:











Mr. Abdool Rahim

Mr. Abdool Rahim

Mr. Abdool Rahim

Mr. Shafeeq

Mr. Shafeeq

Mr. Shafeeq







First draft

Checked and modified by Dr.Iqbal



Verified by Dr. Iqbal

Approved and Adopted by the Quality Committee Meeting

1.0 Introduction

This policy is primarily intended to all our students to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made in a consistent manner on the request of the latter for special consideration, which will enable them to have a smooth learning environment throughout their study at ECBC.

ECBC complies with the Equality Act and this guidance aims to exceed the requirements of the Equality Act in line with Pearson requirements to allow fair access to BTEC / Vocational qualifications and ensure learners are not disadvantaged.

We aim to facilitate open access to all approved qualifications for learners who are eligible for reasonable adjustment and/or special consideration in assessments, without compromising the assessment of the skills, knowledge, understanding or competence being measured.

2.0 Students Responsibility

ECBC is striving hard to provide the best of education to all of its students without neglecting those who needs special consideration on the ground of their disability or long term condition. In some cases, it is quite obvious to determine who needs adjustments in their study and our staffs would voluntarily approach the student's in need. However, in some cases it would not be possible for us to establish who needs help unless students come to us. Therefore we urge students to take the responsibility and to come forward to discuss their situation so that we can provide the necessary help or make the necessary reasonable adjustments in our system to facilitate their journey in our establishment. It would be advisable for students to tell us their concern right at the start of the course.

3.0 Special Consideration

A long term disability or condition would normally be the main cause for students to require special consideration in their study. Special consideration varies accordingly to the person needs and impairments. Though, it does not affect students' ability to study and to develop their skills like everyone else. But a little or some adjustments must be made in the study environment to uplift their confidence and at the same time students should positively feel they have been provided with alternative facilities. Special consideration should not grant students an unfair advantage and should not be viewed or caused any person to be misled regarding the students achievements.

4.0 Ineligibility for Special Consideration

5.0 Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments can be any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the learner at a substantial disadvantage. It has to be noted that a student does not have to be disabled (as defined under the Disability Discrimination Act) to qualify for reasonable adjustment. It is also important to point out that not every learner who is disabled would be entitled for every reasonable adjustment. Approval of reasonable adjustments is dependent upon how it will facilitate access for the learner.

Some examples of reasonable adjustments:

6.0 Applying for Reasonable Adjustments

(A) Students who are facing a short term unexpected condition or circumstance, which they believe are impacting their ability to study and / or cannot meet a deadline must consult the reception for an "Extenuating Circumstance Policy" and to follow the procedure. The policy can also be found on our website.

(B) Students who are only enduring a long term condition or circumstance and believe to require 'Special Consideration' for studying must read and understand this policy carefully. Students are also required to fill in the Application form appended with this policy and provide some evidences in the case where a disability / condition are not apparent. Failing to do so, may result delay in the approval or rejection of the application. Once an application is received with all evidences, the 'Extenuating Circumstance Committee' will investigate the matter and an outcome will be communicated to the student within 5 working days.

Download Application form for Reasonable Adjustments