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Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures

Adopted: January 2017 - Version 1.3

1. Title: Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures

2. Purpose: This document is to outline the policy and procedures that the college and the students should follow in the event the latter experience circumstances that negatively impact their academic performance.

3. Application: The policy applies to all students enrolled with East End Computing and Business College (ECBC)

4. Review and Amendment:

5. Adoption:

This policy commenced from January 2017 and replaced any previous similar policy

6. History:










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Mr. Shafeeq

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Reviewed and Modified - Dr.iqbal

Re-phrasing the title - Sug. by Dr.Iqbal

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Approved and Adopted by Academic Board

1.0 Policy

1.1 Introduction

ECBC deems that an extenuating circumstance is a situation which is outside the control of the students that normally has an adverse impact on their performance and which can be supported by appropriate evidence.

1.2 Aims

This policy is designed to ensure that the following are maintained in Extenuating Circumstances:

1.3 Conditions

As an academic institution, we understand that during their study students may encounter considerable personal problems that are beyond their control which may negatively affect their ability to study and to complete assessments. However, in order to consider such difficulties as Extenuating Circumstances, the following criteria must be met:

1.4 Limitations

Extenuating Circumstances is not considered under the following alleged reasons:

The list above is not exhaustive, individual cases will be assessed based on the evidence provided and a decision will be taken by the "Extenuating Circumstances Committee".

1.5 Types of Circumstances

There are two types of circumstances that may have an effect on the student's academic performance during their study and assessment.

1. A long condition or disability where special adjustments can be arranged by the college to support study and/or assessment

2. A short term situation where consideration is required as and when it arises that can affect study and/or assessment

2.0 Procedures

The procedures to follow depend on the type of Circumstances.

(a) For a long condition or disability where students believe that their performance of study and assessment are affected, should inform the college as soon as possible. In addition they should read and understand ECBC "Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments" Policy. A form that is attached to that policy needs to be filled in and handed to the admin staff. After careful consideration of the situation and evidences provided, the college will make sure that proper adjustments are made to assist students in their study and assessment.

(b) For a short term circumstance where students believe that their performance of study and assessment are affected should:

3.0 Consideration of Request and Outcomes

Based on the facts provided, Extenuating Circumstances Committee will analyse the seriousness of the situation and an outcome will be given within 5 working days. In some cases, the committee may require more time to further investigate the matter and may also require more evidences so that a fair decision can be made.

It is important to note that the outcomes of the decisions might differ for students depending on the gravity, nature and evidences provided.

In the case of assignment submission, where the original deadline cannot be met, a reasonable amount of time will be granted for completing the coursework and a new deadline will be set without affecting the student in any way. Please note that the circumstance will be assessed thoroughly before this extension is granted.

In extreme case, where students will not be able to attend classes for a whole semester or more due to the requiring of additional time off, then the college may ask the student to re-enrol for the next semester or next academic year.

In some cases, the college may decide to release the students upon their requests based on their circumstances.

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