ECBC believes in maintaining lifelong relationship with its past and present learners. Since its inception in 2001, approximately 3000 international and home students successfully completed their studies at ECBC. Majority of them were from abroad and hence it was difficult to keep track of their current situations. From September, 2015, it has been decided to form and maintain alumni network with our past students and keep updated with their present status from time to time. From this academic year, all the final year students will be requested to sign up for Alumni membership and college will keep itself updated regarding their destination and current situations.

Below are some of the ex students′ testimonial about ECBC and its staffs.

Student Testimonials

Shiny Chauhan
Completed Higher National Diploma in Business.
Now working as a Business Analyst at PCO Licence.
′Teachers at ECBC work closely with their students, which allows them to really understand the strengths and difficulties of each individual. This means you get more support and encouragement in the areas that really matter. Furthermore, the HND programme has improved my understanding of business models and how a business functions. I have developed my presentation skills through in class presentations. Overall, I have gained skills which have improved my employability. My advice for students coming to ECBC is to be prepared and be open to new challenges.′

Darrel Aaron Hippolyte
Completed Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care.
Now working as service crew at Asda.

′ECBC is a very multi-cultural place, and that's why I chose to study there. I was a little shy before enrolling at ECBC, but being in constant interaction with students from all around the world made me become much more outgoing. Flexible class timetables were also a great advantage. By joining the extra-curricular activities, I was able to develop my self-confidence and make new friends. My communication skills have improved. I enjoyed the learning environment. Lecturers were motivating and the teaching was really good.′

Rumon Ahmed
Completed Higher National Diploma in Business.
Now working as self- employed.

′I can positively say ECBC has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Teachers are very caring and interested in students′ well- being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. The course helped me to gain knowledge about how to manage the business. I have become more organised and efficient at managing my work load after two years at ECBC. Students planning on coming to ECBC should keep an eye out for opportunities to get them out of their comfort zone; this will make their experience of studying at ECBC more enjoyable.′

Fadumo Mohammed Haji
Completed Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care.
Now working as a care assistant at Carewatch, Newham and Tower Hamlets.

′My educational journey started at ECBC. In order to get a first class education it was the most appropriate place to start! The lecturers were excellent in explaining topics which I found difficult. The learning environment was lively. Completing a Diploma is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. Therefore, I would say ′It′s not the end, but just the beginning of our educational journey. Thank you to all of my teachers at ECBC who were there for me all the time and good luck to the current ECBC students for both their Diploma and College studies!′

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